We capture everything

We don’t just deliver media monitoring and insights, it’s how we empower our clients


Gain your insights

Acumen's extensive digital media archive allows you to conduct unlimited research and simplifies your trend analysis process.

Be informed

Keep up with market changes and developments by employing our industry monitoring services. We have all the knowledge you need to develop your business strategy.

Know your impact

Know what the media is saying about you. Acumen captures every mention of your company across all media platforms.

Strategic Business Decisions

Stay a step ahead of your competitors by tracking all news, media content, and public opinion on relevant brands and industries.

Print Monitoring

Acumen ensures the highest possible rate of accuracy is achieved as its experienced professionals follow a sophisticated and detailed workflow within a strict quality-control process. By monitoring print media cover to cover, we make sure not to miss any media, advertisement, or tender notification.

  • Cover to cover print media is captured
  • 5,000+ print publications
  • 41,000+ articles captured daily
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • 26 countries monitored regionally
  • All local languages
  • Print monitoring since 1998 (8,820 archived print publications)

Online Monitoring

Our cutting-edge technology captures international online coverage in real-time. Through our manual quality assurance checks, we are able to monitor an extensive online source list regionally and internationally.

  • 44,000+ websites
  • 588,000 news pages are captured daily
  • International coverage
  • 86 number of languages
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Real time coverage
  • Online monitoring since 2004

TV Monitoring

Acumen boasts the most extensive broadcast monitoring service in the region. Our portal allows you to find original recordings and any clips relevant to your business requirements. Acumen’s service now includes the option to access global broadcast coverage.

  • 650+ TV channels
  • 900 hours of news broadcast captured daily
  • Global broadcast coverage
  • Access to your coverage within 20 minutes of broadcast
  • 1000 hours of talk shows and debates - 2200 talk shows per day
  • Broadcast monitoring since 2007 (1,544 Channels)
  • Longest broadcast archive in the region

Radio Monitoring

We offer you the most extensive broadcast monitoring service in the region. Through our portal, you can access original recordings and find any clips that you need for your business.

  • 60+ radio channels
  • 26 countries
  • 24/7 program options
  • 100 hours of news captured daily
  • Access to coverage within 20 minutes of broadcast
  • Broadcast monitoring since 2009

Social Monitoring

Tracking social media mentions in real time is critical for business. With Acumen, you can access all key social media platforms. You can also customize your coverage to track specific influencers such as companies, VIPs, spokespersons, and key figures on social media. We archive all content.

  • Cover over 2 million blogs and forums
  • Cover 44+ key social media platforms
  • Provide real time coverage
  • Capture local dialects
  • Manual filtration for accuracy
  • Crisis management alerts

Archive Monitoring

Acumen has the largest media archive in the region. It is easily accessed through our portal or data feeds. Use our accurate data, be it in cover-to-cover print media, broadcast recordings, or online coverage to conduct all the research you need.

  • Covered print publications since 1998
  • Provided online monitoring since 2004
  • Provided broadcast monitoring since 2007
  • Archived print publications of over 9,000 sources
  • Provide immediate access to coverage
  • Add 2.3 terabytes of data daily